Perennial Goddess - by Raymonde

~ Perennial Goddess ~
Join Us for our first Making Meaning Journey - 9 Weeks of Discovery & Possibilities!

...Welcome to Perennial Goddess, a sacred space for you to connect with all your inner selves and other, like-minded spirits on your journey of healing to wholeness.

We begin with a nine-week Journey to create your own Making Meaning Map, a guide for finding your place in this world. This compass-based path will lead you to benefit from Deep Journaling, self-healing with your dreams, expressing your authentic artist creativity, and other life-enhancing practices. What messages are your dreams telling you, what gifts does your unconscious wish to integrate?

Walk this path with us on a unique journey, your Personal Quest for Meaning, by following the link to my Facebook Group, Perennial Goddess, and ask to join. In exchange all I ask is for you to bring your unique, questing self. The resources and instructions will be freely available to all group members for the duration of this journey.

Begin Your Meaning Making Journey To Wholeness

by Signing Up at The Perennial Goddess Group

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